LeeAnn James

Country music at it's best..with a touch of Irish if required... 



Country music comes naturally to LeeAnn. Covering some true classics through to modern country rock, this is the show for any country music lover.  From songs by some of the first ladies of country such as Tammy Wynette, Patsy Cline and Billy Jo Spears, through to Reba McIntyre and Lorrie Morgan and coming bang up to date with melodic songs from the likes of Lady Antebellum and rocking it up with a touch of Carrie Underwood and Gretchen Wilson - there is certainly something to please even the most discerning  fan.

Playing guitar from an early age, LeeAnn's unique style of playing really stands out from the crowd.  Naturally left handed, she takes  a left handed guitar - but then plays it right hand strung! This came about from teaching herself to play her brother's right handed guitar when she was just 10 years old - unaware that she was playing it "upside down"

This is a feelgood show that will either have you clapping and singing along, touched by some beautiful lyrics or dancing the night away.  Yeehah!!



Rocky Top *
Chatahoochie *
Walking after midnight *
Dance with me tonight *
When we don't talk *
Heartaches by the number *
I saw Linda yesterday *
Summertime Blues *
Crazy little thing called love *
Beautiful Sunday *
End of the line *
Country roads *
All my exes live in Texas *
Dance the night away *
Hillbilly rock *
Boot scootin'boogie *
Achy breaky heart *
Red hot salsa *
Redneck woman *
Tell me ma *
One step forward *
Man I feel like a woman *
What part of no don't you understand
Don't be stupid
Two black cadillacs
Need you now
Your good girl's gonna go bad
Could I have this dance
Watch me
You're looking at country
Let me be there
Before he cheats
It's a little too late
Near You
I can love you better
He thinks he'll keep her
Thereain't nothing wrong with the radio
Down at the twist and shout
If you love me let me know
I'll give you something to miss
I run to you
When will I be loved
Sing me an old fashioned song

(Subject to change) 





Add a "touch of the Irish" with a terrific show featuring classic Irish ballads and singalongs. 

Growing up in a musical family, LeeAnn was surrounded by music from an early age and, coming from a Liverpool family with Irish roots, family gatherings quite regularly turned into family singalongs! Listening to some Irish classic songs as a child, the music stayed in Leeann's heart and she now sings and plays some melodies and memories reflecting on many happy,and some crazy, memories of her childhood.

With songs like: Fields of Athenrye.Danny Boy, When Irish eyes are smiling, If you're Irish come into the parlour,Whisky in the jar, The wild rover, The Irish rover, Black velvet band, Patsy Fagin, Seven Drunken Nights and many others there's plenty to keep the dance floor rocking and the Irish spirit very much alive


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